Unlock your potential with Life AI,
Your In-pocket AI 
assistant and Coach

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Introducing Life AI

Your ultimate personal assistant for Health, Productivity, and Wellbeing

Life AI is your In-Pocket personal assistant that's always got your back. Designed to help you stay on top of every aspect of your life, from fitness to financial goals to career and education, it offers a unique way to record and track everything through activities. Powered by advanced AI, it is more than just a generative AI app – it’s your mentor, coach, and companion, ready to assist you in achieving your health, productivity, and overall wellbeing goals.

Packed with Powerful Features

AI Chat

Get personalized advice, motivation, and problem-solving support from your AI companion.

Health Tracking

Easily track your health data and gain valuable insights into your well-being.

Customizable Activities

Create and track unlimited personalized activities that fit your lifestyle and goals.

Reminders & Scheduling

Stay on top of your goals and build healthy habits with reminders and scheduling.

Feed & Stats

Visualize your progress and celebrate your achievements gaining valuable insights to each of your activities.

Journal Your Thoughts

Reflect on your day, capture your thoughts and reflections to enhance self-awareness and personal growth.

Siri Integration and Shortcuts

Control your app with Siri voice commands and app shortcuts.

Dark Mode and Customization

Personalize your experience with multiple app icons, widgets, live activities, dark mode settings and more.

Your Life Story, Captured One Activity at a Time

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With over 10,000 activities at your fingertips, Life AI is designed to capture every facet of your life's journey.  Whether it's a morning jog, a focused work or study session, a creative project, or simply a moment of mindfulness, Life AI empowers you to track your progress, build healthy habits, and gain valuable insights into your daily routines.

Your Personal Toolkit for a Healthier, Happier You

AI Chat

Engage with Life AI's central AI chatbot – your personal mentor and coach.
Experience the power of personalized guidance from crafting customized workout routines and meal plans to offering motivational support and goal-setting strategies, Life AI is there to help you every step of the way.
Ask questions, seek advice, and get real-time feedback as you navigate your journey towards overall wellness.

Schedule & Reminders

Take control of your time with Life AI's advanced scheduling and reminder features.  Easily schedule any activity, from workouts and meal prep to work deadlines and social events. Set recurring or one time reminders for daily, weekly, or monthly tasks, ensuring you never miss a beat. Seamlessly integrate your activities into your calendar, creating a personalized schedule that adapts to your ever-changing needs.

Feed & Insights

Visualize your victories and stay motivated with Life AI's comprehensive activity feed. See a snapshot of your completed activities, organized by day, week, month, or even year. Track your progress over time and celebrate your achievements.  Detailed stats provide insights into your activity frequency, duration, and trends with graphs, empowering you to stay on track and reach your goals.


Find your inner calm and reduce stress with Life AI's journaling tool.  Reflect on your day and create a daily practice of mindfulness by recording your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Explore guided journal prompts designed to promote self-awareness, gratitude, and emotional well-being. Life AI's journal is your personal sanctuary for reflection and stress management.

Dark Mode

Give your eyes a break with Life AI's soothing Dark Mode.  Reduce eye strain and enhance focus, especially in low-light environments.

Personalize Your App Experience


Tailor your experience to your unique needs and preferences. Life AI lets you customize app Icons, Haptics and Sound Feedback and more.


Choose to unlock the app with Face ID for an extra layer of security, and rest assured that your data is protected by Google's robust infrastructure.

Offline Mode

Life AI's seamless offline syncing ensures your data is always up-to-date.  Capture every moment, even when you're offline, and sync your progress when you reconnect.

Data Syncing

Rest easy knowing your data is safe and secure. Life AI is backed by Google's robust cloud infrastructure, ensuring your valuable information is always protected and accessible.